If you have any requests, feel free to send them to me using the form below!

Please send other job requests to this email address→【】


Requests received here will be used only as a reference for future updates.
Please note that not all requests can be accepted.
Also, you cannot specify the date and time (delivery date) when the illustration will be posted.
I will not reply to any messages sent through this form.
If you need a reply, please use the Contact form.


    Examples of requests that are likely to be accepted

    • Simple things
    • Specify by category or genre
    • Differences of existing illustrations

    Examples of unacceptable requests

    • Derivative works of existing characters, etc.
    • Situations that are too complex or not versatile enough.
    • Too many specifications
    • Portrait of a real person
    • Expertise and supervision required.

    Some of the requests that fall under “Examples of unacceptable requests” may be able to be produced for a fee.
    Please email me to discuss!